Since 2010 Sean Perkin & Associates started to focus on residential properties and has currently sold approximately 100 homes throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Sean Perkin & Associates is a boutique investment firm specializing in customized brokerage services as well as the acquisition, renovation and management of real estate throughout Los Angeles. Its portfolio and that of its associates consists of single family homes, apartment communities and land for development. Established in 2005 the company typically acquires assets between $500,000 and $10 million depending on the asset class, upside opportunity and value add component. Additionally, we develop multifamily buildings ranging from 10-60 units.

Sean Perkin & Associates was established in 2005 as a real estate investment firm specializing in real estate sales and the acquisition, renovation and management of real property throughout Los Angeles. Since being established, the company and its founder, Sean Perkin have transacted hundreds of investments in excess of $200 million dollars and growing. With a keen eye for opportunity and an in place team to execute on each investment, the company has an enviable track record and roster of prominent clients.

As a boutique firm, Sean Perkin & Associates looks for opportunities that bring value to its ever growing portfolio. Simultaneously, the company looks to help those in need when it comes to the sale of their properties. Having acquired and sold hundreds of assets over the last decade on both sides of the transaction it is known that all parties should walk away winners.

With more than 20 years of experience in design, sales and marketing Sean Perkin uses his keen sense of style and appreciation of architecture to take poorly designed, dilapidated and undervalued assets and turn them around using creative and effective solutions. Light, circulation, materials and the re-configuring of spaces. The integration of technology. Repositioning through better management, construction and other value added components.

Sean Perkin & Associates is well capitalized to purchase assets under $10,000,000. The net worth of our combined associates exceeds ten figures and has allowed us to move rapidly when it comes to acquiring assets. Each investment usually combines some form of equity and debt combination ranging from 0-100% with the typical deal averaging about 50% leverage on total costs using conventional financing sources. Higher yielding deals can rely on as much as 100% debt on total costs with holdbacks. Some investments are 100% equity. Accredited investors place a minimum of $25,000 to over $5.0 million in each investment. Returns vary based on each asset – but the firm has yielded returns in the low double digits for income producing properties such as apartments and mid to high double digits on most investments. On occasion some of our investments return triple digits.

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