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There are always extenuating circumstances that arise in life – those beyond our control. It happens to all of us and often when we least expect it. From the passing of a loved one, relocation for work or simply up or downsizing – sometimes you need to move quickly. If and when that need arises we might be able to help in as little as 24 hours, fairly and with as little stress as possible. When you need to sell AS IS, WERE IS, regardless of the condition, occupancy or location reach out to us.

No cost, no obligation. Strictly confidential.

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Sean Perkin & Associates acquires value added single family, multifamily and development assets up to $10 million. We can give you the seller a written commitment in as little 24 hours.

We purchase the following:

1. Single family homes located throughout Los Angeles County


3. Deferred maintenance, dated or non-functional design, water or fire damage.

4. Structural flaws such as foundations, slippage or drainage problems.

5. Non-permitted or illegal additions or those that have been tagged by the city.

6. Mold and/or asbestos related issues.

7. Owner or tenant occupied.

8. We work with owners when it comes to rent-back, relocation assistance and are flexible in accommodating your schedule or move. In some instance we may be able to get you additional cash for relocation.

9. We are non-invasive and require typically only 1 to 2 walkthroughs.

10. We use standardized CAR (California Association of Realtors) forms and can handle most if not all the transaction paperwork.

11. We provide no pressure and guide your through the process one step at a time.

12. We are sensitive to your situation and will ensure the confidentiality of the transaction as well as do our best to minimize the stress and strain of the transaction.