Need A Broker?

When you’re looking for more than just exceptional service or the best return on your investment and want experience, integrity and trust, look no further than Sean Perkin & Associates. Most of our business is referral based and because we value our relationships you know you’re in good hands. The results speak for themselves. If you’re thinking of selling call us. Know your options!

Why enlist the services of our boutique firm rather than go with a major brokerage house? Simply, our relationship with you, our client and our vast network which allows us to provide exceptional service and a great return on your investment. Your time is valuable and so is ours. We’ve developed a formula over the last twenty years to maximize all facets of a deal – starting with an understanding of what the asset means to you, the owner, its inherent as well as future value. From listing to marketing to escrow to closing we guide you through the process clearly, concisely and with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible.

We limit our clientele to only a handful each year, most through referral and typically only take on opportunities in which we can bring tremendous value. Having successfully sold hundreds of assets collectively worth hundreds of millions of dollars we have the expertise to handle and advise on most situations. From standard sales that require confidentiality to probate, bankruptcy, short-sales and pre-foreclosures we’ve handled the gamut of transaction.

If you have a unique story and need to sell – give us a call. We’ll let you know if we can help. No cost or obligation. Confidentiality maintained.

Case Study #1
Towards the end of last year we helped a couple who were in default on their mortgage avert both foreclosure and a short sale of their property in Venice, CA. We provided clear facts about each of their options: walk away, short sale or regular sale. After carefully explaining the pros and cons of each option we encouraged them to make a decision based on both their current and future needs. We believed there was an opportunity to salvage their credit and actually walk away with cash in hand, free rent and the time necessary to find a replacement property. This, despite the property being in only fair condition and also containing an incomplete and abandoned second structure. Included in the deal was a provision allowed the owners to stay for up to 30 days rent free.

Case Study #2
We were approached by the owner of a very prominent and successful investment fund to represent him on the purchase of an incomplete multi-million dollar property in Beverly Hills. The husband and wife already owned multiple homes but fell in love with the property the moment they saw it. While the owner could have utilized the services of any broker they were personally referred to us because of our track record, integrity and knowledge of the market. We advised the client that the price they were willing to pay was excessive and believed we could negotiate a better price in addition to getting a large concession at the close of escrow, which we did. Our client, who travels almost weekly relied on us to perform the due diligence, ensure the accuracy of all contracts and advise them weekly as to the completion of the construction, removal of liens, closing of escrow and move in with the minimum of stress and inconvenience to their daily routine.