Devon Gott

Devon Lisa Gottfurcht

Devon Lisa Gottfurcht

Devon Lisa Gottfurcht, born and raised in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Devon graduated from Arizona State University, with a Bachelor’s of Art in Political Science, Dean’s List.

My love for sales, people, and fashion lead me into the garment business in downtown Los Angeles where I sold fabric to large clothing chains and designers.  I was known as the seven million dollar woman because for seven years I sold seven million dollars. I stayed with that same company for 15 years.

Then a large company came to me and offered me a job to do sales and remodels for Commercial Real Estate.  There I worked with malls, hotel chains, restaurants, mixed used buildings, and condominiums.  I received a reward for the first sales person in their 40 year history to break their projected sales goal so quickly.

Then I met Sean Perkin, also with a back ground in Commercial Real Estate.  He was looking for new opportunities and challenges and began buying, remodeling, and selling homes throughout Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and the South Bay.  Together we were asked to sell a condominium in the heart of Beverly Hills where we raised the comps in the building and sold it in 31 days. Together we promise to use our 40+ years of expertise to sell your property or find your dream home.